Udi U818A Review

The UDI U818A is a high-quality quadcopter made in Germany. It has all you can expect from in a beginner’s quadcopter, and even more:it’s gyro-stabilized, has a built-in camera, and can even do flips on demand. The quad comes with prop guards, so it’s better protected than your average drone. Due to it’s gyros stability is great, so you will not have to keep adjusting it. There is even a HDversion available.

With so much electronics on board, the flight is perfect. You can easily fly this copter outdoors small wind and it won’t get carried away. Indoor flight is a possibility too.

The range of the UDI U818A is around 30 meters, and can fly just as high. The flight time is between 6 to 9 minutes, and the charge time is between 1 to 2 hours.

Spare parts are available, for example here and here. The wide range of parts makes the UDI U818A one of the easiest to repair quads out there.

The U818A is 13.4 x 13.0 x 2.2 inches, and weighs around 4.2 ounces. With this size it can lift small objects, toy soldiers or a 808 keychain camera (however it has it’s own camera, but more on that later)

The suggested age is 14 years and up.

The quadrotor has headless mode, which means it will fly by taking you as the center of orientation instead of itself. For example, in normal mode if you turn left,and then forward the quadrotor will fly left. In headless mode it will fly forward.

Return home is supported too, but it does not seem to work for everyone.Despite being an advanced model, this quadcopter does not support beginner mode, or gyro sensitivity setting.

If you’d like to take the U818A with you on a trip it’s good to know that the shipping size is 546 x 368 x 95mm, and the weight is around 2lbs.

The UDI U818A has some nice LED lights, which make it a night flight champion.

The quad is fairly quiet too, which makes it ideal for quiet spots.

Due to it’s low weight FAA registration is not required.

The camera

has a 640×480 pixel resolution, and can both take photos and make videos (without audio) too. The Tx has two buttons for this function:one button for the video and one for the photos.

To view the videos just plug the camera into your computer’s USB port. There is no possibility to view the live feed from the quad.

The image and video quality is not stellar, but pretty good for the price.

The upside of this simple system is that you will not need a smart phone,or wifi to use the video function.

The card in the camera is an 1GB MicroSD card, you may want to get a bigger one if it gets filled up too fast.

The battery

is a 3.7V 500mAh one. the flight time is between 6 and 9 minutes, charge time between 1and 2 hours. To fly more it’s a great idea to get replacement batteries and maybe a charger for example here. The battery uses the standard JST plug. Other, JST compatible chargers should work with this battery too. Charging is simple: just plug in the charger, then the battery into the charger, and wait for the led to turn green.

During hard maneuvering the battery can get very hot which reduces it’s lifespan, so fly gently to get more out of this quad.

If you are good with electronics,larger batteries are available too, which have the possibility of doubling the flight time.

The transmitter

is a standard 2.4Ghz Tx, so you will not get any interference, multiple quads can fly together. Due to being a standard transmitter, other 2.4Ghz transmitters work with it too, possibly raising the range of the quad. The transmitter does not have a video output,as it’s not an FPV quadcopter. The Tx supports both mode 1 and mode 2flying, so you should be OK no-matter which you prefer.


is easy, just follow these steps:

  • Turn off both the Tx and the quad.
  • Turn on the Tx, and push the throttle to the top (max) and then to the bottom.
  • Put the quad on a flat surface and turn it on. 3 seconds later you will hear the tone indicating the successful binding, and the quad’s LEDs will turn on.
  • Next move the right stick to the bottom right corner. The quad’s LEDwill blink indicating the recalibration. When the LED is solid again your quad is ready.

6 stars out of 5 if that would be possible.

Dronebly has a great review of the UDI U818A too. The Syma X5C and X5SC are in the same class, so worth a read too. The Holy Stone U818A is a rebranded UDI U818A,so you can’t go wrong with that one neither.

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