Syma X5SC Review

The Syma X5SC is professional-looking,well built quadrotor with video recording capability. The quadrotor has a6-axis gyroscopic stabilization system, so it flies very nicely. quad is 6-axisstabilized (3 gyros and 3 accelerometers), which grants it a smooth flight. The X5SC’s range is huge – up to a 100 meters, so it will get out of sight before getting out of range. The X5SC has no height limitation, so it will fly just as high.

The Syma X5SC has great acrobatic capabilities, it can do barrel rolls,flips to every direction, and is generally very stable in the air.

The X5SC has both prop guards and fairly large legs, so it’s pretty robust.The external shell is made of durable plastic, which helps even more. The quad is not water proof, so stay away from bodies of water unless you are sure what you are doing.

The box contains almost everything you need for flying (the quadcopter itself with the battery, the transmitter, USB charging cable,leg, prop guards and replacement props), except for the 4xAA batteries for the transmitter.

The quadrotor weighs around 114 grams so it’s bigger than your average toy quad. Even though large it’s controls are fairly soft, so it’s ideal for indoor flight and outdoor flight on calm days. The X5SC is way below the FAA’s 250 gram limit, so you will not have to register it.

Spare parts are easy to find, for example this set includes replacement motors, legs, propellers and prop guards. Upgraded batteries are available too, so you can enjoy your quad even more.

The quad rotor’s size is 31.5×31.5×10.5 centimeters, and it’s strong so lifting objects is a possibility. You can even remove the prop guards, legs and the camera to lift more weight. Still, a GoPRO would be too much for thi squadcopter.

The X5SC’s wind resistance is not as good as the X5C’s mainly because the quad can’t fly so aggressively to counter the wind. The upside is that this quadrotor flies better indoor. You can even start with indoor flying, and switch to outdoor later once you know your quad better.

The X5SC can fly pretty fast, so even though it’s just can’t be as nimble as the smaller quad rotors.

The quadcopter supports headless mode, which means that the forwards/backwards left/right directions will not change even if the quad turns around. It’s a really handy feature to fly your quad back if you lose the orientation mid-flight, or just to fly around without having to think about the direction. Altogether the X5SC is a lot of fun to fly and provides great value.

The box the quadrotor ships in is 16.5 X 13.5 X 3.75 inches, and the shipping weight is 2 pounds – great to know for traveling with it.

The Syma X5SC has LEDs which make both orientation easy, and night flying spectacular.

The X5SC’s video

2 megapixel HD quality, resolution is1280x720 pixels, the frame rate is 30 frames per second.

The X5SC’s camera records onto the 4GB MicroSD card which comes with it. The4GB size is enough for dozens of flights, and the USB card reader means you will be able to load them onto your computer right away.

The camera does not have a live video feed, so the results are only viewable once you land. However third party FPV extensions are available, for example this one.

The video quality is pretty good, and the fine controls are great for the recording.

The X5SC’s camera records audio too, however the propeller noise can be pretty strong, so cleanup is required.

Both the recording and the photo making functions have their buttons on the transmitter, so you will not have to fiddle with the quadcopter to start recording.

The camera records the videos in AVI format, and the video players fortunately have no problems playing them. It’s important to turn off the video recording before powering off your quadcopter, otherwise the files might not play.

The video camera is fixed but is removable for more agile flying.

The X5SC’s transmitter

uses the interference-free 2.4 Ghz technology, which means you will be able to fly with others together. The range is quoted as 50 meters, however it can be up to 150 meters depending on the environment, battery state, and so on. If you want to push the limits be careful – once out of range the quad simply stops flying and will crash.

You can bind the quad to other 2.4Ghz transmitters too, which is great if you already have one. X5SC without transmitter is available too.

The X5SC supports both Mode 1 and Mode 2 flying.

To toggle the modes, turn off the transmitter, then turn on the transmitter again while holding the trim switch bellow the right stick to the right.The LCD will always tell you which mode you are in so you can’t go wrong.

Pairing the X5SC and the transmitter

is just as easy too:

  • Turn off both the transmitter and the X5SC
  • Turn on the X5SC, the LEDs will start flashing.
  • Move the throttle stick on the transmitter to the minimum and and turn the transmitter on.
  • Now move the throttle to the maximum, then to the lowest again. You will hear two beeps, and the LEDs on the transmitter and the X5SC will turn solid.
  • The transmitter and the X5SC are now paired, and you are ready to fly.
The Syma X5SC’s battery

is a 3.7 volt 500mAh LiPo battery,the quadcopter can fly around 5.5 minutes with it. The charge time is up to2 hours. So the easiest way to get more out of your quad is to get replacement batteries. For example this set increases the flight time, and includes a charger too.

The X5SC’s battery has a JST plug, for which a lot of compatible chargers are available, so finding a replacement is really easy.

The charger which comes with the X5SC is USB based, so an USB port is enough for charging. Any USB port works, iPhone wall charger is good for the purpose too. To charge the battery, just plug the battery into the charger,then the charger into an USB port and wait until the LED turns off.Just plug the battery in the charger, and the charger into the USB port and wait for the LED to turn off.

The X5SC is equipped with low-voltage protection, it’s LEDs will start flashing as the battery gets low. It’s a great idea to land as soon as possible, to avoid damaging your quadcopter.


Great looking quad with a long range, ideal for calm days.

You may want to check out the Syma X5C too -some people prefer it to the X5SC. The Drone Files has a great Syma X5SC review too. If you prefer smaller quadcopters, the Syma X11 is a great choice.

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