Syma X11 Review

The Syma X11 is another great looking quadcopter, just waiting to join your stable. It’s a high quality, well-mannered quad suitable for both beginners and advanced pilots. The quad’s range is a bit more than 30 meters / 100 feet, and it can cope with a bit of wind too, so it’s great for outdoor flying. Indoor flying is a possibility too. If you are a total newbie using a large room is a great idea. The quad can do flips too, which is a plus, and comes with the usual set of replacement props and crash guard in the box.The only extra you need to start flying is 4xAA batteries for the transmitter.

The Syma X11 is a very stable flyer, so it’s a perfect fit for beginners. It has a 6 axis stabilization system, and gear driven propellers – both features help it’s stability.

It comes with prop guards and replacement props so you surely will not need a repair kit right away, however it’s good to know that a lot of parts are available online, for example spare batteries with charger, motor replacement kit, motors only, etc… With such a high number of available parts it’s one of the best supported quads in the market.

The quad is a great lifter too – it can lift up to 10 grams, probably more.Payload can be whatever you wish for – from keychain cameras to Lego mini-men – just make sure they have a helmet on 🙂

Being a competitively priced quad the Syma X11 does not have a GPS so it can’t return home automatically. Automatic landing isn’t supported either, however it’s so easy to control that it’s not even necessary.

The quad is 15.2*15.2*3.7cm in size, and weighs 35.5 grams so it’s pretty small. Due to being gear driven the Syma X11 is a bit louder than it’s similarly sized counterparts. The shipping size is 14.2 x 7.9 x 3.6 inches,which is good to know if you want to box it back up for travel.

The quad has “high” and “low” modes, suitable for advanced and beginner pilots respectively. High mode is good for outdoor flying as it’s easier to counteract the wind.

The Syma X11 is way bellow the registration weight threshold, so it’s one less thing to worry about.

Video is not supported

by this version, however there is aversion with a built-in camera.

The battery

is a 200mAh lipo one, which grants a 5 to 8minute flight time to the Syma X11.The charge time is around an hour -sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less.

The stock charger is USB based so you will need an USB port for charging.The battery uses the JST connector standard, so replacement chargers are easy to find. Replacement batteries are available too, even with charger,for example here. Up rated batteries are available too, for example this 400 mAhset. Larger batteries can give you a longer flight time, so it’s worth considering.

The transmitter

uses the 2.4 Ghz standard which is interference-free, so you will be able to fly your quads together without any problems. You can pair the quad to other transmitters too, which may even extend the range.

Mode switching is possible, so you can use this quad in either mode 1 or mode 2. To switch modes just turn off the Tx, press the rightmost trim button, and turn on the Tx again.

The binding process is easy:

  • First turn on the quad and place it on an even surface.
  • Next turn on the transmitter with the throttle set to the minimum.
  • Push the throttle up to the max and down to the minimum again.
  • The quad and the Tx bind automatically,

Range is around 30-40 meters, which is great for outdoor flying.


it’s a great quad, and a looker too.

If you prefer larger quadcopters, the Syma X5C and X5SC are good choices. RCGroups has a nice thread on the X11too.

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