Syma X1 Quadcopter Review

The Syma X1 is a great little quadcopter for those of us looking to enter this hobby. It’s sized such that you can fly it both indoors and outdoors,and it is fairly durable even without a prop guard or crash guard.As such, it’s US hobby quality, not the usual Chinese junk you might expect.

In outdoor flight mode, this little machine tolerates winds fairly well too,while being fairly quiet, great to have a bit of fun outside.

The quad comes in multiple styles

, however the only difference is the canopy: you can choose from simple UFO, mean bumblebee (the personal favorite), or video game-style spacecraft look. It does not have LEDs, however you can buy them as extras, for example here.Also, the visibility is fairly good without LEDs too.

While this mini-drone can do flips on button-press, it is not really suitable for hard flying. It has brushed motors – these are great for beginner quad copters, but are not adequate for the advanced pilot.

The quad is non-FPV

, and it does not have a camera. It also comes with it’s own remote, so a smart phone is not required for it. Being small it will not lift your GoPro, however it can easily lift a 808 keychain camera so you can do aerial videos with it.

The flight time

is around 8 minutes on a charge (depending on how you fly), and it takes around40 minutes to charge the battery. The Syma X1 will not tell you when it’s battery is getting low, so do not fly high after 7 minutes.

The quad comes with a single battery so it’s a great idea to buy replacement batteries to extend the flight time. Batteries can be bought for example on Amazon(check the price).

It’s good to know that the battery uses a “JST” plug, so may you need a compatible charger, that’s what you will have to look for. ThisΒ is a great example. The battery is a Lipo battery ~300mAh, so it could be possible to use your own.

There are also options to charge more batteries at once, for example with this nice little charger. Once your charger LED turns green you are ready to fly!

The expected range

is around 40 to 100 meters, and it will fly just as high too. The Syma X1 uses standard 2.4 Ghz transmitter technology, so it works with other transmitters too, making a longer range a possibility. The quad flies pretty well, so you will not need to adjust it all the time. Getting back to the transmitter, it’s fairly simple, so driving another servo or other functions is not possible. However being a standard 2.4 Ghz Tx, you and your friends will be able to fly together without interference.

Both mode 1 and mode 2 flying is supported, so you will not feel lost if you know only one of these modes. To switch between the modes, just push the right trim button bellow the right(A) stick to the right when turning on the transmitter. This toggles between mode 1 and mode 2. The unit is usually shipped without batteries for the transmitter, so you will need 4xAAbatteries for it. Rechargeables are even better.

On first start you might need to pair the quadcopter and the transmitter:

  • first connect the battery to the quad, the LED should flash slowly
  • when it starts to flash rapidly, turn on the Tx
  • when the LED light turns solid, binding is complete

On next flight, you just have to set the throttle to zero, turn on the transmitter, insert the battery into the quad and turn it on. Binding is not necessary, and you will be ready to fly as soon as the LED turns solid.

The dimensions

: the Syma X1 is around 360mm long X 360mm wide X 55mm high,the rotor diameter is 135mm. The weight is only 68 grams, so you will not need to register this quadcopter. Shipping weight is 1.4 pounds, size is ~15*30*2.5 inches

Being a simple quadcopter without a GPS this will not return home, or do automatic landing (well this can land automatically, but it’s called a crash:)

Being a popular quadcopter

, Amazon has a wide range of accessories for it, for example:

The motors are replaceable to, so it’s not a big problem if you smoke one.

Good to know:

The suggested age range is 14 years and older. Warranty is 30 days.The quad is not water proof, so be careful over ponds πŸ™‚

Our Rating:

This quad is great all-rounder and great for beginners, so it deserves the highest rating.
Fun factor:β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
You might want to check the rating on Amazon too for more information.

If you want to step up from the Syma X1, the X11is a high quality quad to fly. The UDI U818Ais a bit better protected than X11 so it’s a great choice too. Syma has a huge range of quadcopters, their website is worth a visit for sure.

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