Hubsan X4 H107C Review

The Hubsan X4 H107C is a great looking quadcopter, perfect for beginners who would like to enter this hobby. The quad is of really high quality, it was clearly built with great attention to detail. It has all the features you could expect in this price category, including video-recording ability, and it will even do flips for you. The quad is stabilized by a 6axis gyro system, so the flight is stable. It has both beginner and advanced modes. Return home, headless mode, and automatic landing is not yet supported. Gyro sensitivity setting is supported however. The quad also has LED lights, which makes orientation easy.

The quadcomes with replacement props and prop guards. The guards extend the quad’s life time, so it’s a great idea to install them, even though it reduces the flight time a little bit. With the prop guards in place the quad is extremely durable, nevertheless it’s a great idea to fly only above soft surfaces.

As usual trimming is possible on the transmitter.

There is a huge selection of parts available, for example batteries,props and prop guards, and even complete replacement kits..

Despite it’s small size the quad is fairly strong, so it can lift small objects, for example additional cameras or lights. Flight time is a respectable 7 minutes with a 40 minute charge time.

While it performs the best indoors, outdoor flight is a possibility too.Just avoid heavy winds.

Range is up to 100 meters (~300 feet), and the quad can fly just as high too. The winds up there can be strong, so be careful.

Suggested age is above 14 years.

The quad weighs around 50 grams with the battery, and is about 8cm x 8cm x 2.5cmin size with the props. The motor is brushed, and it has no GPS, however this is thedefault in this size and price category. The package weight is 1.2 pounds.

Quads this small do not need to be registered, which is a plus – you can start flying ASAP.

The camera

on the quad is 720p, the camera records onto a MicroSD card. Video recording has to be started on the quad before the flight,there is no switch on the Tx for this function. The camera is a fixed forward-looking one, the lens is compatible with the 808 keychain cameras -good to know would it get damaged. The video is non-FPV so you can only view it after landing.

Stopping the video must be done on the quad too. Remember to stop the video before turning of the quad, otherwise the file could get damaged.

To view the videos you will have to remove the Micro SD card and use a card reader, or you mobile phone.

The quad records audio too, however it is too quiet to be usable.

Recording can become blurry sometimes. To fix this you will have to break the lens free by rotating it, and do multiple recordings in new positions. Select the position where the video is sharp and re-glue the lens.

The battery

is a 380mAh LiPo one, with possibility to upgrade to500mAh. Flight time is 7 minutes, charge time is 40 minutes, which is fairly fast. As the battery is lithium based the usual caveats apply: do not short circuit, push it into fire, or into water as it may catch fire.Replacement batteries are available, so you won’t have to wait 40 minutes between the flights. The battery connector is standard JST connector so a really wide range is available.

The charger

is USB based, so you will need an USB socket to charg your batteries. Replacement chargers are available, for example this one supports charging four batteries together. Great for flying with friends, or simply to charge all your batteries at once.

Once the charging is complete, the USB charger’s LED will simply go off.

The transmitter

uses the 2.4 Ghz technology which is immune to interference, so you can fly more than one X4s and other quads together.Mode 1 and mode 2 flying are both supported, so you surely won’t feel lost with this quad. The range is up to 100 meters.

Binding the quad to another Tx is a possibility too, so if you have your favorite Tx you will be able to use it.

Being a non-FPV quadcopter the Tx does not have a video screen or a phone holder.

Trims are available so you can fine-tune your quad’s flight.


it’s a great little quad, and a looker too.

The H107C has a camera-less smaller brother, the H107L. If you like the looks of theH107C you will surely love the Holy Stone F1810C too!

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