Holy Stone U818A Review

The Holy stone U818A is a well-built quadrotor from Germany.It gives you everything you can possibly expect from in a beginner friendly quadcopter, and even some more: it has a 6 axis stabilization system, a built-in HD camera, and will do flips on demand. The quadcopter has built-in prop guards, so it’s more robust than the average drone. Due to it’s gyros flying is smooth, you will not have to fight it.

The on board electronics guarantees a perfect flight. You can fly this quad indoors and outdoors too, even light winds will not carry it away.

The radio range for the Holy Stone U818A is 30 meters, and it has no height limit, so it can fly just as high too. Flights last between 6 and 9 minutes,the charge time is 1 to 2 hours.

The box comes with everything you need for flying, except for the 4xAAbatteries for the transmitter.

As this quadcopter is compatible with the UDI U8181A HD, there is a wide variety of spare parts available, for example propeller bladesand motors. The good compatibility means that the Holy Stone U818A is really easy to repair would anything bad happen to it.

The size of this Holy Stone quadrotor is 13.4 x 13.0 x 2.2 inches, and the weight is 4.2 ounces. The light weight means you will not need to register it. Still it’s more than strong enough to lift tiny objects, for example Lego men, 808 keychain cameras, etc.. (However it has it’s own camera, but more on that later)

The suggested age for this quad is the usual 14 years.

The Holy Stone U8181A is equipped with headless mode. This means it will remember it’s starting orientation, and fly accordingly. For example, in normal mode if you turn the quad right, and then forward the quadrotor will fly right. In headless mode it will fly forward. It will help you return the quad if the it’s is far away, and you lost the orientation, so it’s a really handy function.

The Holy Stone U818A has a return home function, but it does not always seem to work. The quad has a high and low speed mode, which makes it ideal for both beginner and advanced pilots too. Indoor flight is safer in low speed mode.

The shipping size is 55 X 37 X 10cm, and the shipping weight is around 2pounds – good to know if you plan to travel with it.

LED lights are a standard feature of the Holy Stone U818A, so it looks great on the night sky, and orientation is easier too.

The U818A flies very quietly, you will not disturb anyone with the noise.

The U818A’s camera

has a HD resolution (1280×720 pixels),photos and videos are both supported. The photo and the recording button are on the transmitter. Audio is not recorded

Video is recorded onto the removable 4GB Micro-SD card, which is more than enough for several flights. The quadcopter comes with an USB Micro-SD card reader, so it’s one less thing you might need.

The image and video quality is pretty good, for best results avoid quick movements with the quadcopter.

The transmitter

uses the interference-free 2.4 Ghz technology, so you can safely fly together with similar or other quadcopters. The quad should be able to bind to to other 2.4Ghz transmitters too, which can be useful for extending the range. Live video output is not supported, as it’s a non-FPV quadcopter.

Binding the quad and the transmitter

is simple, use these steps:

  • Turn the transmitter and quadcopter.
  • Turn the transmitter on, and push the throttle to the maximum and then to the minimum.
  • Put the Holy Stone U818A on an even surface and turn it on. A bit later you will hear the beep which indicates the successful binding. The LEDs on the quadrotor will turn on.
  • If you move the right stick to the to the bottom right corner the quad will start gyro recalibration. It’s LEDs will start blinking, and will turn solid once the recalibration is complete.
The U818A’s battery

is a 3.7V 500mAh Li-Po one. Usual flight time is 8 minutes, the usual charge time is 100 minutes. The Holy Stone U818A comes with two batteries.and 2 hours. Replacement chargers and batteries are available, for example here (this set is originally for the UDI U818A, but it is compatible). As usual with quadcopters, the battery uses a standard JST plug.This means that other JST chargers work too.

Using the factory supplied charger is easy: plug in the charger into an USBport (iPhone charger works too), plug in the battery, and wait for the LED to turn green. The charger can charge the two batteries together.

It’s good to check the battery temperature after flying – if it’s hot to the touch fly more gently to increase the battery’s lifetime.

To get even more out of your Holy Stone U818A, larger batteries are available too, which give you longer flight times.

Our rating:

one of the best quads out there.

There is also a great review of the Holy Stone U8181A over at Reviewing Things.The UDI U818A is compatible so worth a reading too.

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