Holy Stone HS170 Predator Review

The Holy Stone HS170 is another great looking,well built quadcopter from Holy Stone. The HS170 has a 6 axis stabilization system,which grants it a really smooth flight. The HS170 is rugged, it has tiny legs for landing, and prop guards out of the box which make it survive most of the crashes.

The HS170’s flight time is 6 to 8 minute, it’s range is 30 to 50 meters.Once out of range it will simply drop out of the sky, so take care when pushing it’s limits.

The HS170 has advanced electronics, besides the 6 axis stabilization it can do flips on button press, and has headless mode too (in headless mode the front-back-left-right will be interpreted with respect to the take off direction, which makes piloting the quadcopter easy). Automatic landing or lift off is not supported.
The mini-drone has one-key return which can help you bring it back if you lost orientation.
Being the cheap quadcopter it is, the HS170 does not have a GPS. It has fast-acting coreless brushed motors. The motors drive the propellers directly, so flies quietly and is very nimble.

The mini-drone supports both indoor and outdoor flight, and has beginner, intermediate and advanced modes too.

A wide range of parts are available for the HS170, for example replacement motors, replacement propellers, batteries and so on.

The HS170 is fairly small so it can’t lift anything substantial. It’s only 13×13 cm and weight is bellow the FAA registration limit. Even though it’s small it can cope with winds fairly well.

The suggested age group for the HS170 is 14 years and up.

The package includes everything for flying, except for the 6xAA batteries for the transmitter. The quad is ready-to-fly, you will not have to put it together yourself.

The shipping weight is 400 grams.

The HS170 does not have a camera

, so it does not need an SD Card, or smartphone app (even though the Holy Stone website says so).

The battery

of the Holy Stone HS170 is a single-cell 3.7volt LiPo battery, with 350mAh capacity.
With this battery the mini-drone can fly for 6 to 8 minutes after a 60 to 80 minute long charge period.

The HS170 has low voltage cutoff with blinking. When the battery is getting low during the flight, the quadcopter’s LEDs will start blinking and it will reduce the motor performance. If you experience this, land as soon as possible to avoid a crash.

The factory charger uses an USB socket. To charge the battery first connect the battery to the charger, next the charger to the USB socket.

The quadrotor’s motors have a tendency to overheat, so let it rest 10 minutes between the flights.

Replacement batteries and chargers are available – buying more batteries is a simple way to get longer flights.

The transmitter

of the HS170 is a simple unit, a bit toy like, however it’s more than up to the task. It fits large hands nicely too.

It uses the 2.4 Ghz spread-spectrum technology, which means it’s immune to interference, so you can fly together with others.


the quadcopter and the transmitter is simple. First turn them both off, set the throttle to the minimum, and place the quadcopter on an even surface.
Next turn on the quadcopter, then the transmitter, and push the throttle up to the maximum, then down to the minimum again.

The transmitter is mode 2, with the throttle on the left stick.

To toggle between beginner, intermediate and advanced modes, all you have to do is depress the left stick towards the body on the transmitter. The transmitter will beep accordingly. One beep is beginner mode, two beeps are for intermediate, and three beeps for advanced mode.

The upper throttle trim button turns the LEDs on and off (great way to save a bit of battery), while long pressing the lower throttle trim button activates the one-key return function.

Depressing the right stick starts the flip mode.

To recalibrate the gyros, first depress the throttle stick until you hear beeps. Next move both sticks to the bottom left corner, and wait for the blinking on the quadcopter to stop.

The range of the HS170 is up to 50 meters, which is pretty nice for such a small quadcopter.


the HS170 is a great mini-drone to get started with. It looks good, flies well and will take crashes like a champ.


If you liked this quadcopter, you will surely love the Hubsan X4 H107Ltoo. For a similar sized quadcopter with a camera, check the Holy Stone F180C.
The HS170’s reviews on Amazon are very helpful too.

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