Holy Stone HS110W FPV Drone Review

The Holy Stone HS110W is a high quality FPV quadcopter from Holy Stone, which has more extras than you could think of. The HS110W is available in black and green. The quadcopter has the standard 6 axis gyro stabilization, LEDs for easier orientation, on board camera, headless mode, air-pressure based altitude hold, automatic takeoff and landing, one-button flips, and it can be controlled from a smartphone too.

The Holy Stone HS110W not only looks good, but is well built too. It can take crashes like a champ as tiny screws hold it together, not the usual plastic clips. Still for best results fly only above soft surfaces.

It has legs for smooth landing, and prop guards to protect the props would the quadrotor crash.

The drone comes complete with replacement props. Replacement batteries with charger and replacement motors are available too.

Other parts (props, guards, legs) seem to be out of stock now.

The Holy Stone HS110W is very stable in the air – you can just put the transmitter aside and it will stay planted, which is a unique feature in this price category.

The mini drone is 32 centimeters x 32 centimeters in size, and weighs a bit more than 100 grams. As such it can’t lift much weight, but will happily lift a 808 keychain camera if you lighten up things a bit. FAA registration is not required for drones this light.

The quadcopter supports both indoor and outdoor flying, and has 4sensitivity modes which not only helps with adapting the quadcopter to beginner and expert pilots, but makes indoor and outdoor modes possible too.Low (beginner) modes are better for indoor flying, while high (expert) modes are better for outdoor flying.

Still, the HS110W really shines outdoors due to its size, power and range.It can fly up to a 100 meters away, and can fly just as high too.

The mini drone’s propellers are gear driven, the motors are the brushed coreless type – standard for every quadcopter in this class. The HS110W is fairly quiet, so you will not disturb anyone with it.

The range for the transmitter is 100 to 120 meters, while the video range is about 30 to 50 meters. As the mini-drone uses the 2.4 Ghz spread-spectrum technology, it will simply shut down if it goes out of range.

The suggested age for the quadcopter is 14 years and up. The kit contains tiny parts, so keep it out of the reach of little children.

The HS110W has a wide range of features including headless mode and one key return: in headless mode the forward-backward-left-right stick movements will be interpreted with respect to the quadcopter’s power-on orientation.
So if you powered on the quadcopter while it was looking forwards away from you, using the back stick will bring it back to you in headless mode.

The quad also has one-key landing and liftoff, which is a nice convenience feature. It features altitude hold too, so it will stay planted in the air.

The box contains everything for flying, except for the 4xAA batteries for the transmitter. A smartphone is required only for the camera functions -you can fly without it, but will not be able to record videos or take photos. The package size is 45 cm X 28 cm X 10 cm.

The battery

is a 3.7 Volt, 650mAh LiPo battery, built into the quadcopter.

The charge time is 60 minutes, flight time is 7 to 9 minutes. With a replacement battery and charger or a USB power bank you can get even more fun out of this quadcopter.

The stock charger is USB based, and connects directly to the quadcopter.It’s easy to charge the HS110W: just plug the quadcopter into the charger,and the charger into a USB socket. It’s compatible with iPhone chargers too.

The quadrotor has low voltage protection, it’s LEDs will start flashing if the battery is running low. Land as soon as possible if you see this.

The video

of the HS110W is a 1280×720 pixel unit. It can record videos and take photos both to the internal 4GB MicroSD card(included in the package), and it can send the video signal via WiFi to a smartphone. The video quality is average, and the WiFi based FPV has a distinct lag, so all in all it’s a fairly standard quadcopter camera.

Using a smartphone for the video functionality is great because you can actually see what you are recording. The package includes a smartphone clip too, which attaches to the transmitter’s antenna.

The videos are recorded as plain .AVI files so all players can play it. For best results always stop the recording before powering off the quadcopter, or the files could get damaged.

The camera is fixed in place, and looks forward, so adjusting it is not possible.

While the smartphone app can in theory control the quadcopter, in reality it does not work so well. So use the transmitter to control the quadcopter, and the smartphone to control the video functionality. The app supports live viewing, taking photos and starting/stopping video recording.

The quadcopter supports both Android smartphones and iPhones. To use the video functionality first download the android app from Google Play, or the iOS app from iTunes.

Next start the quadcopter and bind it to the transmitter. Search for a WiFi hotspot with FPV in the name, and connect to it. Next start the smartphone app. The app has buttons for taking photos and starting/stopping the video.

For the smartphone-based recording to work, the smartphone has to stay on WiFi, which has a 30 to 50 meters range. Cellular data is not suitable for this purpose. Replacement camera exactly for this quadcopter is not available, however a wide range of WiFi FPV cameras are available on Amazon.

The transmitter

is a full sized unit, with a great looking LED-backlit LCD. It uses the interference-free 2.4Ghz technology, so you can fly together with other quadcopters without any issues. Just make sure you bind the quadcopters and the transmitters one-by-one.

The transmitter is mode 2 only, with the throttle stick on the left.

Binding the quadcopter and the transmitter is simple, all you have to do is turn both off, and set the throttle to the minimum. Next turn on the quadcopter, then the transmitter, and push the throttle up to the maximum and down to the minimum again.

The transmitter has a button for gyro recalibration, so if the quad is drifting (happens after a crash), just place it on a level surface and press the calibration button.

Takeoff and landing are supported by their appropriate buttons.


the Holy Stone HS110W is one of the best quadcopters in it’s class – it has a wide range of functions, flies really well, and looks good too. 6 stars if that would be possible.


If you liked the Holy Stone HS110W you will probably like the Akaso X5C and the Syma X5SW too. There is a nice review of the HS110W over at Youtube, and the Amazon Reviewsare very helpful.

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