Holy Stone F180C Quadcopter Review

The Holy Stone F180C is one of those well-built, high quality quadcopters that immediately catch your attention. It’s well built, American hobby quality. It has a really rich feature set, supports flips,video recording and photo making, and even has a headless function to simplify the pilot’s job. The quadcopter can fly both indoors and outdoors.It can take slight gusts easily, however heavy winds will blow it away.

The range is 30 to 50 meters and the F180C can fly just as high too. If you fly out of the range it will simply stop flying, so experiment only above soft surfaces.

The box comes with everything you need for the flight, except for the 4xAAbatteries for the transmitter.

The Holy Stone F180C has 6 axis gyro stabilization (3 axis for the accelerometers and 3 for the gyros) so it drifts only a little, and is a very stable flyer.

It also has trim buttons on the transmitter, so any tendency to drift can be easily counteracted.

The Holy Stone F180C has 4 level of controls, which make it suitable for beginner and advanced pilots too, and indoor flight is easier using the lowest setting.

The quadrotor comes with good looking crash and prop guards, and has a nice shell, which make it very durable.

The motors coreless, and they drive the propellers directly, the quad flies quietly without any gear noise.

Replacement parts are available too, would anything happen to your quad you are covered.

The quad is 13.5cm x 13.5cm x 3.5cm in size, so it can lift tiny objects if that’s something you expect from a quad. The shipping weight is around a pound. Being a light quad you will not have to register it with the FAA.

Suggested age is 14 years and up.

While the quad does not have automatic landing, it does have headless mode which makes return home much easier than your average quadcopter.

The video

on the quad has a 2 megapixel resolution (1280 x720p), the video and the audio is saved onto the miniSD card in the quadcopter. The quad comes with 2GB card and a card reader too so it’s one less thing to worry about. The video is non-FPV so it’s viewable only after landing. For best results make sure you turn off the recording before switching of the quadcopter, otherwise the video file could get damaged. The video format is AVI, and is playable by most players. Fortunately the video has no overlays.

Video controls are on the transmitter, which is rare in this category.

The video camera is neither removable nor turn able, so positioning is simply done by positioning the quadcopter. Simplicity is key for these light machines.

Video recording is signaled on the LCD screen of the transmitter, which is really handy. Night vision is not supported, on the upside the quadcopter records audio too.

The battery

is a 3.7 volt Li-Po battery, which grants this quadcoptor an 5 to 8 minute flight time. The batteries use the JST connector standard,so you can use other chargers too, not just the USB based one which comes in the box.

The Holy Stone F180C comes with two batteries

, which makes this offer unique.

The charge time is around 45 minutes. The charger can charge the two batteries together. The charger’s LED will turn off when charging is complete.

Low voltage cutoff protects the batteries, and the Holy Stone F180C’s LEDs will start blinking to remind you to land.

The transmitter

uses the interference-free 2.4 Ghz technology so you can fly together with your friends without a hassle.

The range is 30 to 50 meters, just make sure you fly low when pushing the limits.

Pairing is automatic, all you have to do is power up the quadcopter, then power up the transmitter with the throttle stick in the lowest position.

Our rating:

The single flaw of this quadcopter is the need to rest between flights to avoid overheating, so the fun factor is a tiny bit lower than usual.

If you liked the Holy Stone F180C you will surely love the HubsanH107C too! Looking for something smaller? The Hubsan H107L isa great alternative to check. For a video review of the Holy Stone F180C check this RCGroup post.

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