Cheerson CX-10 Mini Review

The Cheerson CX-10 Mini is a great looking nano-quadcopter, only4cm X 4cm in size. It’s high quality product made in China, it competes with the Estes 4606 reviewed here earlier. It’s fairly advanced, has a 6 axis stabilization system, LEDs for better orientation, and can even do flips on button press.

The range is around 40 meters, with no artificial height limit. The CX-10will simply shut down once it’s out of range so take care! Being a really tiny quad you will not want to fly it far away from you anyway. High altitudes are no problem for this quad, so it’s safe to order wherever you live.

The CX-10 flies smoothly, thanks to it’s advance stabilization system, so you will not have to fight it to stay planted. Bad behavior can be easily fixed by recalibrating the gyros:

  • Put the quad on an even surface and turn it on.
  • Turn on the Tx.
  • Move the throttle (left) stick to the top and the bottom to bind them together.
  • Now move the left stick to the bottom left corner, and the right stickto the top left corner.
  • Wait for the quad’s LEDs to turn solid.

That’s it.

To start flying all you need is 2xAA batteries, the rest is included in the package: the quad with the Li-Po battery inside, the transmitter and the USB based charger.

The quad comes without prop guards, but the guards are available from third parties, for example this one, or this one (includes replacement propellers too). To replace the propellers gently pull them off, and put the new ones on. The new propeller’s direction must match the one you replaced.

The CX-10 can take the beating, as it has a fairly durable plastic shell.The guards make it even better and cost next to nothing, so it’s a great idea to buy them.

Indoor and outdoor

flight is possible too with the CheersonCX-10. Being really tiny it can only fly in calm weather – only 7 cm X 7 cm with the blades. Weight is only 11 grams and it’s very quiet. FAA registration is not required for quadrotors this small.

The CX-10 does not support automatic landing, headless mode, or automatic return home- no quadcopter supports these functions in this size – and price category..

Suggested age is 14 years and up. The quad has tiny parts, so make sure little children can’t reach it.

The CX-10 has three modes for the beginner, intermediate and advanced pilot,so you will not outgrow it. To change the modes just push throttle as if it was a button. Single beep indicates beginner, two beeps indicate intermediate, and three beeps indicate advanced mode.

The instructions are detailed and easy to understand, so you can’t go wrong with it.

The transmitter

is nice looking and packed with functions.It uses the interference-free 2.4 Ghz technology so any number of these little quads can fly together.

The CX-10 uses a special protocol, so binding it to other transmitters is not supported.

The Cheerson CX-10 comes with a mode-2 transmitter (throttle on the left). Switching modes is not supported. Mode-1transmitters should be available too, but they seem to be out of stock now.

Pairing the quad and the transmitter is automatic:

  • Turn on the quad.
  • Turn on the Tx.
  • Move the throttle (left) stick to the top and the bottom to bind them together.

The range is around 40 meters.

The battery

is a 3.7V 100mAh Li-Po one, which grants theCX-10 mini a 4-8 minute flight time, with a 30-40 minute charge time.

The battery is integrated into the housing of the quadcopter, so replacing it is not supported.

The charger is USB based, and it connects directly to the quadcopter. It’s compatible with iPhone wall chargers, or you can plug it into your computer too. Charging from the transmitter is supported too, which makes this quad unique.

While the charger is special, replacement chargers are available.

The quadrotor has low voltage protection, it’s LED’s will start flashing before the battery runs out – you will always know when to land.

The charging is finished when the LED in the charging cable turns off.

Our rating:

This tiny quad is a joy to fly!

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