Blade Nano Qx Quadcopter Review

The Blade Nano Qx is an absolutely tiny quadcopter weighing only 16 grams.It is great for indoor flight, and can tolerate small (10-20 mph) winds outdoors too. It’s high quality and very robust, it has crash- and prop guards for protection, and being light means it can’t crash hard.

The Qx has two version, this is the non-FPV one. So this is a simple quad,without special needs as a smartphone for the video functions.

Being very small (only 5.5 x 5.5 x 1.97 inches) this quad is a really quiet!

Even though being small, the Blade Nano Qx has a very respectable 7 minute flight time and a 25 minute charge time and comes with a single battery. To extend the fun you can buy additional batteries, for example on Amazon.


The Blade Nano Qx has a simple USB based charger, the battery pops right into it. As such it does not have a charging cable, and you will need an USB outlet or a computer to charge it. Replacement chargers are available,for example the one in the picture.

The charger supports only a single battery, but you can easily get multiple chargers.

Charging is super easy: just plug the charger into an USB port, pop in the battery, and wait ~25 minutes for the red LED to turn off.


During flight if your battery is getting low, the led will start blinking. You should land as soon as possible to avoid damage to your quad.

The Blade Nano Qx has both an agility and a stability mode; these two modes take the place of gyro sensitivity setting.
Stability mode is better for beginners while agility mode is better for advanced fliers.
In agility mode this can even do flips!

As the Blade Nano Qx is an an entry level quadcopter it does not have a GPS for position hold or return home function (it would not work indoors anyway), but stays planted in the air thanks to it’s powerful sensors. The quad is powered by brushed motors,which is the standard solutions for these small machines. Replacement motors are available both in clockwise and counter-clockwise variants.Upgrades are available too, for a more aggressive flight you can get faster motors complete with wiring and plugs (just make sure you exchange them one by one, so you do not mix up the motor’s directions). To increase the flight time you can upgrade the battery too. Be careful though, the motor upgrade will turn your Blade Nano Qx into a hard-to-control speed demon.

The transmitter

needs 4xAA batteries which are not always included in thepackage. You can use it in both mode 1 and mode 2. As the Blade Nano uses2.4 ghz transmitter technology, it is compatible with other Txes too.Changing the Tx is a good idea to extend the default 60 feet range. Forgroup flying the 2.4 Ghz technology guarantees that you will not getinterference, so they make a great gift for friends.

Transmitter binding

The transmitter and the quadcopter are bound together at the factory. You can bind it to another transmitter using this procedure:

  • disconnect the flight battery from the quadcopter.
  • select an empty model memory on your transmitter if multiple models are supported.
  • select acro or airplane mode on your transmitter if supported
  • clear servo reversing, trims, set throttle to low/off and power off the transmitter.
  • connect the quad’s battery. Wait ~ 5 seconds for the blue LED to flash.
  • start the transmitter in bind mode
  • the quad is bound when the blue led turns solid.
  • disconnect the flight battery and turn off the transmitter
Good to know:


  • Quadcopters this small do not need to be registered.
  • If you suffer a crash, replacement parts are readily available for example here.
  • The suggested age is 14 years and above.
  • The quad comes without LEDs, which might impact night flying.
  • The quad is not water proof so stay away from ponds or the bathtub 🙂
  • The shipping dimensions are 14.1 x 8.4 x 4.5 inches , 1.2 pounds – handy to know if you plan to travel with it.
Our Rating:

Due to the quad’s agility, fun factor and overall value it deserves the highest rating.You might want to check the rating on Amazon too for more information.
Fun factor:★★★★★

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