Where to buy a quadcopter?

There are more and more places you can buy a quadcoptertoday:

you can buy a quadcopter in brick-and-mortar stores: R/C model stores almost always have quadrotors stocked, but toy stores and electronic stores carry them usually too.

Large online stores tend to have an even wider range of quadcopters too, so getting your quad from one of them is a great idea.

Shopping, and online shopping in particular can have a few issues, so it’s a great idea to research the store before buying from them.

The first and most important question is the warranty

. Both the length of the warranty period, and the conditions are important. It’s also good to know who you can talk to would your quad fail.

Besides the warranty, replacement parts are important too: you will crash your quad, and no shop will ever exchange the broken parts under warranty.

For brick-and-mortar shops it’s the easiest to ask them in person, while for online shops the reviews can be very helpful. Ebay and Amazon takes buyer protection seriously, so they are safe choices in this respect.

Choosing the right payment option

and avoiding credit card fraud is again something you should consider. For example Banggood had issues with credit card theft. The good news is that practicing basic precaution will help you stay safe – just make sure you choose one ofthe big online payment providers, for example Paypal, Google Checkout, or Amazon Payments.

These companies take security very seriously,and using them ensures that your credit card data does not go through the online shop’s servers.

Shipping time and warehouse location

depends a lot on the online shop you choose. Some online shops, for example Banggood and Aliexpress have their largest warehouses in China. This usually means longer shipping times, however their prices are lower too.

Reliability of shipping

is important too. Some online shops(Banggood…) have a tendency to ship very late, and sometimes even lie about having the product stocked. While in the end they usually ship, they may not worth the hassle if you want to get your quadcopter fast.Amazon is usually way faster.

The range of products you can buy

is important too. Some online shops have a wide range of toy quads, but do not have the part you’d need to build your own. Some are the other way around. The most important here is to choose an online shop which is reliable and stocks the kind of quadcopters you’d like to buy.

To avoid counterfeit quadrotors

double check the seller’s reputation. While some of the counterfeit quadcopters or parts will still work as expected it’s best to stay safe, as counterfeits tend to have a low quality, some might notwork at all.

Online shops to buy your quads from


was founded in1994 and has grown to be one of the largest online retailers. Amazon sells practically anything you’d ever need – of course ithas a really wide range of quadcopters and quadcopter parts too.

The main selling point of Amazon is the high reputation, their product review system and their buyer protection.

Amazon accepts all mayor credit and debit card, and you should not expect any kind of credit card fraud from them.

In general their delivery is reliable, and their support is good too.

Amazon’s only downsides are the bit higher price – but let’s be honest here,you get what you pay for, and you just won’t get the same level of support from the Chinese retail giants.

While some counterfeit products pop up on Amazon too, in general their product review system quickly flags these. Just make sure you only buy quadcopters from them which already have a dozen or so reviews, the average should be 4 stars or more.

Click here to check the quadrotor prices on Amazon.com.

Overall value:★★★★★


is another US giant, Ebay was founded in 1995 and has grown to a multi-billion dollar e-commerce company. A very broad range of products are available on Ebay both as auctioned and fixed-priced items – this means that you could buy high-value used quadcopters for a lower price too.

Still, as Amazon, Ebay has a good reputation, as it features a buyer protection and seller rating system so buying on Ebay is generally safe.

Ebay seems to have a more problems with fakes – so it’s a great idea to double check the seller, this way you will not have to go through the refund process.

Credit card safety issues are nonexistent on Ebay.

Click here to check the quadcopters on Ebay.

Overall value:★★★★★


was founded in 2006, and is headquartered in China. Banggood has warehouses in the US so it’s a great idea to check their US warehouse for the quadcopter you’d like to buy.

Some buyers experienced credit card theft when buying from Banggood, and they seem to have issues with fakes and shipping too.

While these issues seem to be grave, using Paypal for checkout will protect you, as you can simply apply for a refund to Paypal, and they will protect your credit card information too. So if you are up for the challenge, Banggood can provide great value. If you hate the hassle, just skip them and stay safe with Amazon. Banggood has a product rating system, so you have a chance to weed out the problematic items.

Click here for quadcopter prices from the US Warehouse, or here to check the prices on Banggood’s main website.

Overall value:★★★★☆


is another Chinese e-commmerce website, in many respects it’s similar to Banggood.

While Gearbest does not seem to have issues with fakes, they still seem to have strange issues regarding personal data and shipping too.

Fortunately Gearbest offers Paypal checkout, so you are protected,just make sure you always use Paypal for checkout, and escalate any issues towards Paypal, and not Gearbest. In the end you get what you pay for: use Gearbest if you want a good deal, and you are ready to take up the issues with Paypal.

Gearbest’s US warehouses do not seem to hold as many products as Banggood, so you should expect slower shipping.

Just as the other online retailers, Gearbest has a product rating system, so you have a chance to weed out the problematic items.

Click here to check Gearbest’s quadcopter prices.

Overall value:★★★★☆


is part of the Alibaba Group Holding Limited Chinese ecommerce company. Alibaba Group was founded in 1999, while Aliexpress started operation in 2010.

While in theory the long operation time is a good sign, Aliexpress has the same issues as the other Chinese retailers: allegations of credit card fraud, suspiciously cheap products, and worst of all no Paypal support.

Aliexpress has the usual product rating system, so you could check the products if you wanted to. But let’s be honest here, no Paypal support and credit card fraud allegations mean that you should keep clear of Aliexpress.

Still curious about the quad prices on Aliexpress? Click here.

Overall value:★★☆☆☆



is yet another Chinese e-commerce giant. Ever buying started operation in 2006. Still, relatively little is known about them.

As usual with these lesser known Chinese companies, you will almost always find some sort of issues, for example shipping and product quality issues. Also, with Everbuying the buyerhas to pay for the shipping for returned products.

On the upside Everbuying supports Paypal checkout, so in the end you can always file for a refund with Paypal. Paypal also protects you credit card data, so you are safe from credit card theft too.

If you are curious about quadcopter prices on Everbuying click here.

As little is known of ever buying choose this website for buying your quadrotor only if you are adventurous, and don’t mind if you have to file for a refund with Paypal. Everbuying features the usual star-based product rating system, so you can check what others say about a product.



was founded in 2004 by Diane Wang, and is headquartered in Beijing,China. DHgate currently features millions of products, with thousands of quadcopters and quadcopter parts among them.

While DHgate features the well-known star-based product rating system and claim to have buyer protection, they seem to have issues with theft and credit card fraud too.

As the issues seem to be worse than Aliexpress’ and DHgate does not support Paypal, keep clear of this website for now.

Overall value:★☆☆☆☆


is yet another consumer electronics focused online store, headquartered in Hong Kong. Even though Tmart’s focus is consumer electronics, you can find a lot of other products in their portfolio.

Tmart has a US warehouse, and while you can’t browse their products by warehouse, they clearly state on the product’s page if it ships from a US warehouse – so you can weed out the slow shipping quadcopters.

While Tmart has the star-based product rating system, it seems to be totally rigged, as it displays only 5-star ratings.

As usual with these eastern retail giants, Tmart seems to have issues with counterfeit products too, for example counterfeit cameras for quads and other R/C toys.

On the upside Tmart supports Paypal checkout, so you’ll get Paypal’s protection. Just make sure you always checkout using Paypal, and escalate any issues towards Paypal would Tmart hesitate to refund you. With this in mind there is a chance to get great value out of Tmart.

Click here to check the quadrotor prices on Tmart.


Overall value:★★★★☆

Conclusions – where to buy your quadcopter?

  • For best shopping experience, get your quadcopter from Amazon(quadcopter link), or maybe from Ebay(quad link).
  • If you do not mind having to deal with the Paypal refund process, you could get lower prices at Banggood (quadcoptershere, and quads from the US warehouse), Gearbest (the quads), Everbuying (quadrotor link) or Tmart (quadcopter link). Just make sure you always checkout using Paypal – no exceptions.
  • For fast shipping, order from a US warehouse. Amazon, Ebay, Banggood and Tmarthave you covered.
  • Avoid Aliexpress and DHgate for now – if things turn sour you probably will not get your money back from them.

Not sure what quadcopter to buy? Check our reviews here.

Have fun flying 🙂

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