Best quadcopter for under $200 (with a camera).

Quadcopter drones under $200 make a good choice as you’ll get higher quality than what you can expect from quads under $100. The changes with the higher price are noticeable right away: the quads are larger so they can fight the wind better, the cameras are better quality, and the flight times are longer too.

Still if you just started out flying getting a cheaper quadrotor could be better, asyou will surely crash, and you’ll lose less money if the quad is cheaper.

Quadrotors under $200 usually have prop guards which help to save you props in a crash, they have a replaceable battery so you can get another and just swap them out when one runs low to continue flying.

Low voltage alarm is standard too, the quad’s lights will start flashing if the battery runs low. This way you can land before you’d crash due to the low battery. The charger is usually USB based, so you can plug it into a computer or an iPhone charger.

These quadcopters usually have a 720p camera too.

FPV in this price-category is Wifi-based, which is good for slow-speed flying and great for aerial photography (as you can actually see what you shoot). For FPV quads you will need an Android smartphone or iPhone to view the live video feed. The camera acts as a Wifi hotspot, you’ll have to connect your phone to this hotspot. The Wifi range is usually 30 to 50 meters beyond which the live feed will cut out.

Drones under $200 have full-sized transmitters which are best suited for adult hands. If you have small hands the Cheerson CX-10 could be a better choice.These transmitters are interference-free so you can fly together with the same or other type of quads too.

Some of these drones support using your smartphone as a transmitter using Wifi. Honestly this is not much good, you will get much better results using the transmitter: lower control latency, longer range, more accurate control.

In this category the quads usually have brushed coreless motors, which are not as powerful as the high end quad’s brushless motors.

Quadcopters this large can cause injury, so it’s a great idea to fly faraway from people and objects you could damage. Flying in your home is not really supported by these machines, the under 100 category is better for this.

The best quadcopters under 200 dollars.

Name Flight Time Charge Time Range Extras Beginner Mode LED Camera Details
Holy Stone F181
7-9 mins 80-100 mins 50-100 meters props, guard, extra battery 720p Price
Holy Stone HS110 FPV
7-9 mins 60 mins 100-120m for the quad, 30-50m for the FPV props, guard 720p Wifi FPV Price
Syma X8G
7-10 mins 200 mins 100 meters props, guard, Gopro support 1080p Price
Force1 U45
7-10 mins 70-120 mins 90 meters guard, extra battery, power bank 720p Wifi FPV Price
Syma X5C by Potensic
6-9 mins 100 mins 50 meters 3 extra batteries, 2 spare motors, 2 set of spare props, prop guard,carrying case 720p Price
Holy Stone HS200 FPV
7-9 mins 60 mins 100-120 meters for the quad, 50 meters for the FPV props, guard, Micro-SD card, screws and screwdriver 720p Wifi FPV Price
Holy Stone X401H-V2
7-9 mins 90-120 mins 100-120m for the quad, 50m for FPV props, guard, Micro-SD card and reader, screws, screwdriver, phoneholder 720p Wifi FPV Price
6-9 mins 90-120 mins 30 meters props, guard, battery, power bank Wifi FPV 720p Price
6-9 mins 150 mins 50-80m for the quad, 30m for the FPV extra battery, spare props, guard 720p Wifi FPV Price
Contixo Wifi FPV F10
15 mins 180 mins 300 meters props, guard, screws and screwdriver, phone holder,Micro-SD card with reader 720p Wifi FPV Price
The Holy Stone F181

is a large, 30cm X 30cm quadcopter, which comes with a 720p camera. Due to it’s size the F181 is best for outdoor flying. The quad comes with replacement props and prop guards out of the box, which make it fairly durable. The flight time is about 7 to 9 minutes after 80 to 100 minutes of charging. As the quad comes with an extra battery you will be able to fly twice as long with a simple battery swap.

The F181’s transmitter is full-sized, so it best fits adult hands. You will need 4xAA batteries to start flying. The transmitter has beginner mode and headless mode too.

The F181 has a 720p camera with good (though not the best) image quality.This drone does not support FPV, so you can only view the video once you have landed.

Check the price for this quad or read our full review.

The Holy Stone HS110 FPV

is 32cm X 32cm quadrotor for outdoor flights. The HS110 has automatic takeoff and landing, and automatic hover too, which is very rare in this price category. This is made possible by it’s built-in pressure sensor. The HS110 can fly for 7 to 9 minutes after 60minutes of charging.

The HS110 comes with a full-sized mode 2 transmitter, the throttle is on the left stick. The transmitter will need 4xAA batteries before you can start flying. Headless mode and one key return is supported too.

The camera is a 720p unit, and can live stream the video to your smartphone.For this to work you’ll need a Wifi capable Android phone or iPhone.

While this is probably the most advanced quadcopter of the pack, you shouldnot expect the refinement and stability of a high-end drone at this price level.

Check the price for this quad or read our full review.

Syma X8G
The Syma X8G

is large quadcopter measuring ~34cm X 34cm motorto motor. The X8G has a 7 to 9 minute flight time after 200 minutes of charging – getting an extra battery is a great idea. The weight is above the US registration limit, so you’ll have to register it.

The X8G comes with an 1080p camera, and you can attach a Gopro to it too.The camera is removable but you can only change where it looks by hand, it does not have an electronically movable gimbal.

The X8G has a full-sized transmitter, and supports headless mode. You’ll need 4xAA batteries to start flying. The range is about 100 meters.

Get this quad if you want a cheap quad with Gopro support. You can check the price here.

Force1 U45
The Force1 U45

is an advanced toy quadcopter from Force1. TheU45 was designed for outdoor flying. It comes with two batteries and an extra power bank, so you can charge your quad while you are out in the field too. The quadrotor supports altitude hold, automatic takeoff, landing and headless mode too, and has basic support for flight path planning via it’s smartphone app. The flight time is 7 to 8 minutes depending on how you fly.

The U45 comes with a full-sized transmitter, you’ll have to buy 4xAAbatteries before you can start flying. The range is 100 meters.

The U45’s camera is a 720p FPV unit, it can stream the live video to your smartphone via Wifi. For this feature to work you will need a Wifi capable Android phone or iPhone. The Wifi has a 30 to 50 meter range, after that it will cut off, but you will still be able to fly your quad using the transmitter.

The U45 is another great toy quad, with a huge range of features, definitely recommended. Just make sure you know you buy a toy – these quads do not have the features and refinement of the professional quads.

Check the Force1 U45’s price here.

The Syma X5C by Potensic

is a 31cm X 31cm quadcopter drone, which is best for flying outdoors in calm weather.The X5C has a full-sized transmitter, best for adult hands. The transmitter can control the onboard camera and needs 4xAA batteries.

The batteries need 100 minutes to charge, the flight time is between 4 and 9minutes. The X5C has an overall good reputation which make it a safe choice.

Potensic has put together a really nice package for the X5C, which features3 extra batteries, 2 spare motors, 2 set of spare props, prop guards,and an extra carrying case. These extras depend on the seller so make sure you order here to get them. Earlier we reviewed the Syma X5Cfrom another seller – the difference is only in the extras.

This is a really well-rounded package, ideal if you do not want to shoparound for a case, batteries and other parts.

Holy Stone HS200 FPV
The Holy Stone HS200 FPV

is another great quad from HolyStone. It has all the little goodies that make an outstanding quad in this price-category: automatic takeoff and landing, altitude hold, headless mode and one-key return. The flight time is 7 to 9 minutes after 60 minutes of charging.

The HS200’s camera can record 1280 x 720 (720p) videos to the 4GB Micro-SD Card that comes with it, or send the live video to your smartphone via Wifi.

The HS200 has a full-sized transmitter which requires 4xAA batteries before you can fly.

You can check the HS200’s price here. The HS200 is a great choice if you want a full-featured toy quad.

The Holy Stone X401H-2

is in many respects similar to theHS200 above. The main difference is the charge time: the X401H needs between1.5 to 2 hours to charge, vs. the HS200’s one hour.

The X401 has 720p Wifi FPV camera, a full-sized transmitter, and supports altitude hold and automatic takeoff and landing just like the HS200.

The camera can record videos to it’s internal MicroSD-card – again same as the HS200.

You can check the X401H-2’s price here Choose this one if you liked the HS200’s features, but prefer the X401’slooks.


is a large, 34cm X 33cm sized quadcopter,designed for outdoors like all the quadcopters in this category. It supports headless mode and one-key return. The U818A can fly for 6 to 9 minutes using a single battery after 1-2hours of charging. The quadcopter comes with two batteries, you can fly for two times as long with a simple battery swap. Even better, you can charge your batteries using the power bank while you are outside.The camera has an 1280×720 resolution and supports FPV with Wifi.The transmitter is full-sized, and needs 4xAA batteries.

You can check the price here.

This quad does not support altitude hold, so it limps a bit behind Holy Stone’s offerings. Crash protection is better, making this quad a good choice if you expect to crash often.


is an FPV drone from UDI. It has a 50 to80 meter range for the transmitter, and 30 meter range for the FPV. The flight time is 6-9 minutes after 2.5 hours of charging. The quad comes with two batteries so you can double the flight time. The U842 supports headless mode and needs 4xAA for the transmitter to fly.

Controlling the quad via the mobile app is supported too, both using the on-screen virtual sticks, and by tilting the phone in the direction you want the quad to fly. Using the transmitter is generally better as it has lower latency and is less error-prone.

Click here to view the price.

Choose this quad if you like it’s looks – the others have lower charge time and more features.

Contixo Wifi FPV F10
The Contixo Wifi FPV F10

is a large quad measuring 66cm X 55cmif the prop guards are counted. The quad can fly for 10 to 15 minutes after3 hours of charging, the transmitter’s range is 300 meters (Wifi FPV range is 30 to 50 meters). The battery is 7.4V 1200mAh dual-cell unit, stronger than what’s usual in this category. You’ll need to get 4xAA batteries for the transmitter to start flying. The quad supports headless mode and altitude holdtoo, the camera is a standard 720p unit.

Price info for the Contixo drone is available here. Choose this quad if you’d like to fly a large quad – the very long charge time and lack of second battery are red flags.

If you have a hard time choosing, just select the HS200, you can’t go wrong with this one. If you are looking for something smaller or cheaper, check our best quad under 100 article.

Have fun flying 🙂

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